The Song Shop

Scott ignored conventional wisdom and started producing his own music early in his career.  This lead to work producing records for many others (see Production Credit list below) and eventually to creating his own recording studio, the Song Shop, with long-time friend, Jamie Sitar, behind the board.  Instead of developing ‘a sound’, their work has focused on bringing the artists' vision of their own music to life.   

If you are interested in working with Scott on a project, please reach out to

Production credits


Album Name


Scott Nolan Before Tonight 2023
Scott Nolan The Suburb Beautiful 2022
William Prince Gospel First Nation 2020
William Prince Reliever 2020
Ben de la Cour Shadowland 2020
Logan McKillop Anchorless 2019
Stephen Fearing The Unconquerable Past 2019
Corin Raymond Dirty Mansions 2019
Little Miss Higgins My Home, My Heart 2017
Watermelon Slim Golden Boy 2017
Lynne Hanson Uneven Ground 2017
Richard Inman Richard Inman 2016
Scott Nolan Silverhill 2015
Brady Enslen Beautiful Things 2015
William Prince Earthly Days 2015
Emma Cloney Stars for Streetlights 2013
Scott Nolan Montgomery Eldorado 2011
Ken Kansas & the Roaring River Rangers Hard Liquor 2012
Dan Frechette Nothing To Lose But The Blues 2011
Adam Carroll Old Town Rock n Roll 2008
Scott Nolan Receiver/Reflector 2007
Scott Nolan Postcards 2001
Leaderhouse Leaderhouse 1998