Scott Nolan

Booking & Other Inquiries

Wits End Artist Co-Op

Scott performs in multiple formats: solo, duo, trio and full band.  

He is an adept participant or leader of performative or instructional workshops. 

Scott is also part of three side projects: with composer Glenn Buhr; with Joe Nolan (Nolan + Nolan); and with Joe, Scott Cook, and Pamela Mae (Nolan-Cook-Nolan).

Scott is a member of the Wits End Artist Co-op, who look after booking his shows and tours, as well as other administrative stuff.

Please use the button below if you are interested in contacting or booking Scott Nolan and remember to provide details such as date, time, location, your contact details, and any other pertinent information.

Scott is a member of DreamPlay Artist Hub, where you can find info on his Visual and Literary art, as well as his collaborations with DreamPlay founder and composer, Glenn Buhr.