Nolan-Cook-Nolan is the occasional Songwriters Circle side-project of acclaimed Folk/Roots musicians Scott Nolan, Scott Cook, Joe Nolan, and Pamela Mae.

Born for a one-time show in October 2023, the response to the show was so powerful, they just had to keep it going.  

The collaboration of these troubadours proves that the whole is more than the sum of the already wonderful parts.

Clockwise from top-left: Scott Nolan, Joe Nolan, Scott Cook, Pamela Mae

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We need a band name befitting our vibe. What should it be?

The Swells 9
The Smalltimes 8
Highway Heyday 7
Vagabond Choir 23
Wayfarers' Revue 12
Uncle Sweetheart 6
Little Wonders 9
Road Dog Revue 14
Rogues' Choir 5
Prairiedogs 36
Yellowhead 5
Sundogs 4
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Recently we attended The Songwriter’s Circle at Festival Place featuring Scott Nolan, Joe Nolan, and Scott Cook, with a special appearance by Pamela Mae. Nothing could have prepared us for the fabulous experience we had when these musicians took to the stage and entertained us for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. While each of the musicians have very distinct styles, hearing them all perform on the same stage was akin to the work of a chef fusing together different flavour profiles to create a new taste sensation. They filled a hunger we didn’t even know we had. ” - Gail & Casey Jones – music lovers and supporters, Edmonton AB
It was a brilliant show. I loved this so much I want to make this a series.” - Brett Fraser – Artistic Director, Festival Place, Sherwood Park AB